Business Development Accelerator (BDA)

Marketing Perth Customer Satisafaction Survey

The Business Development Accelerator (BDA) is a unique action learning-program that combines training, consulting, and market research information to develop new business opportunities by coaching employee teams as they work on real projects, producing real-world, actionable outcomes.

BDA greatly accelerates the development of competitively superior new products and businesses , with measurable results for the organization.

The program is normally delivered by two consultants in three intensive 2-day workshops separated by two 6-week periods during which MVI partners work with team leaders to help obtain critical strategic, market research and technical information. The whole approach epitomizes MVI's hands-on orientation toward its clients, and its focus on providing measurable benefits.

The BDA concept was originally developed and refined in the US by Ron Pellman – a good friend and colleague of MVI's principals – and who works with us as a senior consultant. For more background on Ron, and valuable insights on the challenges of overcoming barriers to internal innovation, please read Ron's book Intrapreneuring in Action (co-authored with Gifford Pinchot) published by Berrett-Koehler, San Francisco.

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Marketing Perth Customer Satisafaction Survey  Failing in New Business Development.pdf

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Marketing Perth Customer Satisafaction Survey