Marketing Perth Customer Satisafaction Survey

Results Driven Market Research

Market Vision International has carried out market research throughout Europe, N. America and Asia for over 30 years. We provide high value, action-focused services, with measurable results delivering improved sales and profits.

Our expertise covers the complete research spectrum: personal, phone, postal and web/phone-based surveys. Add to this our ability to deliver the high levels of analysis and insight required for success in today's fast-paced markets. Typical services include:


Marketing Audits - identifying strengths and weaknesses throughout the marketing operation and assesses its ability to satisfy target market needs.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys - using the MarketVis Method to listen and learn to the Voice of the Customer to clearly identify satisfaction & loyalty issues.

Market Snapshot - market assessment studies provide a cost-effective evaluation of key issues and marketing pointers. Results within 10 days.

Partner Search - hands-on help in locating and evaluating distributors, agents, joint ventures and OEM partners.


Delivers analysis - understanding of current strategic position. Vital benchmark for strategic development and effective resource allocation.

Clear insight into customer needs and salient attitudes. Basis for positioning strategies and building long-term customer loyalty.

A rapid result system allowing for quick but accurate decision making; vital when assessing new products and markets.

Supports expansion via export market development by providing outsourcing of important but time consuming activities.

Marketing Perth Customer Satisafaction Survey