Strategic Analysis and Planning

Marketing Perth Customer Satisafaction Survey

In today's business climate, one of the most critical and challenging issues a company will face relates to its marketing strategy – or the lack of a coherent one! The drivers for improved business planning can be very diverse, ranging from the problems of building on success:

"We feel we must do something different to get to that higher level………"

to the realization that change is critical if the company is to survive:

"How do we deal with and stay ahead of our continuously changing marketplace……."

In our eyes, each project must be different – because each client is different. As a starting point we focus our efforts around straightforward objectives and themes, typically:

• Defining the goals(s) you wish to achieve
• Generating innovative options on how to achieve these goals
• Working through the implications and action steps necessary
• Setting up monitoring systems to deliver the insight and analysis for improved performance.

At our disposal are a number of proven techniques including:

• Success Criteria
• SWOT analysis
• Marketing Audits
• The Balanced Scorecard
• Analysis of Core Competencies
• Competitor Analysis
• Benchmarking

These and other approaches are deployed as part of an intensive and wide-ranging programme involving:

• One-on-one confidential interviews with senior managers and other key individuals
• Hands-on workshop sessions organized and facilitated by MVI International
• Targeted external research as needed (focusing on markets, competitors, customers, or prospects as required)

Our major role is that of a catalyst for debate, insight and change within a company. We play the role that only an 'outsider' can play – hunting down and slaying those sacred cows that bedevil all companies and organisations!

Please click on the link below to download the relevant MVI White Paper in Adobe PDF format:

Marketing Perth Customer Satisafaction Survey   Describing the Future.pdf

Marketing Perth Customer Satisafaction Survey